I encourage women to tell the truth both in their business and life so that they can share their message and attract their dream clients.

But what happens when you are not speaking your truth, when it’s just insecure thought?

I am talking about the stories that you are telling yourself in your head. The stories of how you are not qualified enough, not skinny enough, not tall enough, not blonde enough, not pretty enough, not advanced enough, not experienced enough, not anything enough…The stories we tell ourselves about how we are not quite there yet. We tell ourselves we need to go off and do that Masters or Phd or go and do 2 years of voluntary work before we can do the work we want to do.

This is not the truth. It’s INSECURE THINKING. It’s important to recognize this and to separate the insecure thoughts from what the actual truth is.

A few years ago I was running a really busy natural health practice. I was very successful and I had a waiting list of clients, but I didn’t really love what I was doing. I felt stressed and burnt out. I had been through several cycles of burn-out but I had 4 kids and our household needed my income.
I hadn’t taken holidays for a year or so. I had been sick a few times and returned to work way too fast. It just wasn’t working for me. I loved the actual work I did but I hated how it made me feel so exhausted and how it was taking away from spending time with my family or having any time to myself.

So I started looking at what else I could do. I considered getting a job or re-training as a nurse and going back to work in intensive care which is where I worked in my 20’s.

Soon I realized that I am unemployable. I hate anyone telling me what to do, what hours to work, what I can wear, how to behave… I used to get told off as a nurse for sitting on the bed to listen to the patients which meant so much to them.

Then I thought about doing a masters in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) even though the coaching I was doing was already very strongly aligned with CBT. I believed GP’s in the area would refer lots of patients to me as they love CBT. The truth was that I was busy enough. I didn’t need more clients. In my mind the insecure thinking was telling me if I took off one hat and put on another, things would be different.

That’s when I decided to change my business model. I started doing more high-end work and VIP days. Changing my business model made an incredible difference to my business and life. I tripled my income in about 4 months working half the hours.

One of my best friends who is a psychotherapist helped me to see the truth in this situation. She pointed out that I had already done lots of study. I listed out all my trainings and it equated to 9 years of full-time study! And that didn’t include all the books and on-line trainings etc. Realizing this really helped me to separate insecure thought from the truth. The truth was that I had everything I needed to earn more money in less hours. I just needed to change my business model. I got help and support to take that step and the results were astonishing.

I’d like you to notice where you are not telling the truth and maybe just question ‘is this just insecure thought’. Recognize that the truth is that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

You probably know enough and have done enough to do what you are here to do. So move away from the insecure thought and do what you’re put on this beautiful earth to do

With love,