It’s time to tell the truth!

Telling the truth in your business and life is essential to grow your beautiful business with way more grace and ease, without the stress, without the push and the hassle, and maybe even without Facebook Ads.

I really feel that I keep banging up against good traditional online marketing methods. I have supported so many women through massive campaigns and they have done incredibly well. It was the right thing for them. When it comes to me and my business, those big campaigns just don’t feel right. I believe it can be done in another way, more in line with my personal value systems, completely aligned with who I am and what I want to bring to the world. That is my truth.

In the past I saw that ‘icky feeling’ when engaging in the recommended on-line marketing methods as resistance and I felt I had to push through it. I believed that on the other side of it I would find what I really wanted, but it never seemed to be the case. The way I have been doing business for many years is a very intuitive way. I have always been able to fill my 1:1 coaching and masterminds simply by getting out there, sharing my message/my truth, sharing how I can be of service. When I try to do what I am ‘meant to be doing’ these days with the help of really good on-line marketers, it feels heavy to me and my inner guidance tells me to stop and go back to the way I have always done things. This is my truth.

What is your truth? Maybe you are a health coach and you have strong beliefs around what people should eat or shouldn’t eat. Whatever you believe to be true, you need to get out here and and share that truth with the world. Be that woman who relentlessly speaks her truth. Share what you believe is really really important for others to hear.

When you speak your truth it resonates with the people you are seeking and who are seeking you. Tell your truth, not anybody else’s! No need to ‘copy’ another entrepreneur in your field. When you stand strong in what you believe and clearly communicate your core message, you will draw people to you.

No matter what you do and what field you work in, you don’t need to be a business coach to get clients. All you need to do is to communicate your truth and stop filtering it, stop worrying about what others think. Stop worrying about upsetting your sister when you want to communicate something she doesn’t believe. Don’t hold back posting that Facebook post because of what your neighbour might feel about it.

Get your truth out there. Not everybody is going to like it, but you only need a relatively small amount of people to resonate with your message to have a highly successful business. I got 6 figures with a really small list, with a handful of clients. Later on I leveraged it with group programs and masterminds which brought a lot more grace and ease in my business.

You don’t need to shout but you need to be so passionate about your truth that you want to shout it from the rooftops!

If any of this resonates with you, please do post below.

With love,